About us

About us


About PH5B

Ph5b is a new brand dedicated to providing premium healthcare products in hopes of creating safer environments across America. 


The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has sparked a need for safety & protection against harmful bacteria. As the use for disinfectants increases, we have noticed more people using toxic products that harm your skin & hurt the environment. Many companies have felt pressured to release low quality & toxic products that are often not regulated in production. This leads to dry skin, harsh smells, and even dangerous consumption. We believe that as we move towards a a world that will be using disinfectants on a more regular basis, people should have products that are safe enough to support that. That’s why all of PH5B’s products are made with 75% plant based alcohol, FDA Approved, and customer driven. 


Our products are made by skincare professionals & value every input that our customers give back. So make sure when you choose to stay safe, you choose PH5B. 



PH5B is all about bringing balance to your life. PH 5.5 is the perfect balance for your skin. A balanced PH level brings soft & smooth skin, aids in skin renewal, brings a healthy glow, & guards the skin from infections. The “B” in our name stands for Balance. We bring balance to our products through water & glycerin. Every product is created & modified to ensure balance of your skin, lifestyle, & mind.

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